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Classical Programs Soloists
Celine Bryne  |  Conor Linehan  |  Peter Tuite

Celtic Program Soloists
Denise Brennan  |  Eric Cunningham  |  Frankie Gavin  |  Michelle Lally  |  Cora Venus Lunny 
Ingrid Madsen
 |  Aidan O'Brien  |  Athena Tergis  |  Peadar Townsend


Ingrid Madsen

Ingrid is a highly acclaimed singer in Dublin's music scene.  She has the voice of an angel, which captivates audiences, and she always endeavors to create the perfect atmosphere to suit the mood of any song.  Her extensive repertoire encompasses Celtic, contemporary, traditional or folk songs, and sacred hymns.  Ingrid’s unique natural voice and passion for singing shines through every time she performs.  She has been influenced by many female vocalists such as Sarah McLachlan, Kate Bush, Karen Carpenter, Mary Black, Aimee Mann, and Fiona Apple.  She has performed in both Ireland and abroad, in concerts and radio, with bands and with choirs.  Specializing in church singing, Ingrid has also enhanced countless wedding ceremonies nationwide with her consistently moving and passionate performances.
Having impressed audiences nationwide with her “haunting” vocal talent alongside various musicians and bands, whether it is in a church, a club or concert hall, Ingrid will most definitely continue to be a highly celebrated singer in Ireland’s music scene.




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